University Friendship Mistakes To Avoid Part 1

If there is one thing we as humans need that one thing are friends! Friends and social connections are what make us human.  When I started university some six years ago, making friends (which I lacked in high school) was my number 1 priority.

I succeeded in making many awesome friends in university leaving my old lonely high school days behind. At the same time there were many mistakes I made in making friends and I hope you learn from my mistakes so you don’t make them yourselves. And below is the first major friendship mistake I made!

Friendship Mistake 1: Quantity Over Quality

As much as having a ton of friends is wonderful, let’s face it you can never be friends with everyone. In fact not everyone will make the greatest friends. In my freshman to sophomore years I had a ton of people I called friends ranging from various campus clubs to my lectures. I was so happy and on top of the world since my social life had reached it peak.

As with all peaks though a decline in my social life took place during my third and fourth years on campus. You may be wonder why the decline? The answer is, I emphasized having many (quantity) friends over having the best (quality) friends.

While it is true that I had many friends in university not all of them were quality friends. Since the purpose of friends are to influence/inspire and help one another grow I realized many of my friends had negative qualities and nasty habits e.g. Pessimism, wasteful spending, complaining, aggression and unreliability, traits I didn’t want to adopt.

I felt like among my huge group of friends I was an outsider since I was at odds with their lifestyle and I couldn’t grow close to them since I refused to indulge in much of their activities, habits and qualities which I personally found distasteful.

Having been very naive during my first two years at university it was in my third year, I realized that your character is largely built on who you spend your time with. Since my goal in life since my third year is to be of upright character, optimistic, giving, loyal, trustworthy, kind, and honest my up till then huge quantity of friends lacked such character.

I decided to make the painful choice of politely distancing myself from my previous multitude of friends choosing to keep my friendship circle small yet high in quality.

While the choice to distance myself from my previous huge posse (I still miss them to this day) was a very emotionally difficult choice to make it was for the better! Today my friends are fewer but have all the great character traits (optimistic, giving, loyal, trustworthy, kind, and honest) which I am in turn adopting.


Fewer Yet High Quality Friendships Are What Enhance Your University And Social Life! 

Also with fewer quantity I have more time to focus on growing closer with these friends along with more me time to develop my personal character, achieve my personal goals and of course keep up with school!

The key to having meaningful friendships and a deep social life in university is quality over quantity! I hope that this blog post has inspired you and has been of some help to you. I advise you to also focus on making quality friendships over quantity so that you can grow in your campus life without making the mistakes I made!

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Better Ways To Be Social Than Sitting around on Facebook all Day Part 1

It’s the weekend and you are crammed up in your room or a dingy corner of the library with a textbook or laptop, studying and doing absolutely nothing aside from half hearted studying coupled with a ton of Facebook use. Let’s face it this situation is all too common a phenomena among university students. Fortunately you don’t have to be spending your weekend stuck studying and sitting around on Facebook all day jealously envying the fun weekend social lives of others.

Here’s a simple way to make your weekend socially exhilarating:

From PixabayImage Credit: Pixabay

Hit The Gym!

You may have been told and may be telling yourself this a lot Hit The Gym! Being a distracted in a rush university student though, more often than not you may have skipped the gym. However if you want to be more social and not a sullen boring studying Facebook stalker it is truly in your best interest to Hit The Gym! The moment you get off Facebook to Hit The Gym all that working out and sweat will significantly boost your sociability and ability to socialize well. Here’s how!

A) Confidence Booster: Working out regularly boosts your self-confidence. Since we all are drawn to people looking and feeling great about themselves over grumpy Facebook stalking studiers what better way for you to be social than pumping iron and sweating away all pessimism in the gym! Don’t believe me? Just try it out for yourself by lifting weights at the gym, do some push-ups, go for a run, play table tennis, go swimming or just dance!

You’ll quickly find out that you are too active to be grumpy or lazy meaning you’ll be feeling more better, happy and more confident with yourself. Then people will be naturally drawn to you and your better more active disposition will allow you to socially enjoy yourself more!

What’s more is that you can inspire others and your friends to workout alongside you, boosting their confidence too. A social pack of workout buddies enjoying themselves getting fit and helping each other do the same, is sign of a confident inclusive social group, turning lazy frowns upside down!

B) Brings In Calmness: Do 10 or more push-ups and how do you feel? You most certainly won’t feel grumpy or complaining because frankly you’ll be too tired for that! When you’re tired you’re calmer and quieter instead. Plus you’ll have a more relieved and satisfied disposition after all that exercise. Since people feel more at ease around calm people who are easier to approach than busybody grumps hit the gym regularly if you want a better way to be social!

Workout to the max and challenge yourself so that you feel the burn.

Since grumpiness comes when achievement is absent and requires energy for frowning/sulking, put your energy to something challenging so that you can feel achieved and have no energy to frown, nor sulk! Once you feel achieved, tired yet happy and have wiped that frown off your face you’ll be able to socialize and open to enjoying life in a group way more!


So if you seek a meaningful social life on campus, quit your Facebook idling and hit the gym! It’s gonna be challenging but hey you won’t have any time nor effort to miserably frown or sulk when using all your muscles in a challenge now will you 😉

Share your thoughts on this article by commenting below!!

This Motivates My Study Efforts Part 1

While in the all too often difficult task of getting motivated for studying, I use Internet Memes as my study motivation. As I was procrastinating for my history exam, it was a beautiful day outside, so studying was the last thing I wanted to do. Then I came across this meme, right below and it made me realize that I’m not the only one feeling this way!


Image Credit:

Through this meme, I realized that procrastination and a general aversion towards studying is a common feeling among many college students. This meme therefore served as a means for me to relate and feel camaraderie with my fellow college students who were going through the same struggles as I during the arduous period of studying.

At the same time, I chose to put more effort into actually studying instead of complaining and procrastinating.

The reason for such change is because this meme also instilled shame in me, because, procrastination through prolonging a task/s only worsens the situation at hand by encouraging laziness, excuses and contradictory behaviour. In other words, procrastination as depicted in the above meme means nothing gets done 🙁 The depiction of the student in the aforementioned meme causes further wake up embarrassment to procrastinating students due to the disheveled unprofessional appearance of the pictured student.

As college/university students we are expected to conduct ourselves as qualified professionals in preparation for our professional working post post-secondary future. Hence, this meme can be an embarrassingly humorous incentive for us procrastinators to get our act together! Being a still recovering procrastinator myself, this meme was instrumental in my decision to go into self-imposed procrastination rehab. Like many of you, I was an avid procrastinator in fact I loved procrastination! I enjoyed procrastination so much that I went out of my way to procrastinate due to my difficulty and disinterest in studying.

However, shortly after my first three poor to mediocre semesters and a stint in academic probation which I narrowly came out of, I realized back in Spring 2014, that my procrastination tendencies needed to go for the sake of my professional future.

It was around then, that I came across this meme, which opened my eyes to the reality of my unprofessional, self-entitled, lazy, contemptible and sullen nature that resulted through my tendencies to indulge in procrastination.

Since I saw myself following the same unlikable attitude of the lazy college student in the above meme, I was so disgusted and amused that I decided to procrastinate less and take action more through focused studying! It hasn’t being easy studying since I have a tendency to slip back into my old habit of procrastinating.

Nonetheless this meme for all its humour has made me adamant on studying better so that I can avoid becoming like the lazy, unpleasant and unprofessional college student pictured in the meme. Hence, these reasons led to the meme pictured here become my favourite motivational reminder meme (albeit through mocking humour of reality) for studying and I hope that this meme betters your own study efforts!

What did you think of this post and what motivates your study efforts? Comment Below!!

One Of My Biggest Study Distractions

This semester is almost over and we want you to pass this semester with flying colours. For this reason, I thought I’d share with you all, one of my biggest study distractions and provide you with a solution on how to handle it. So read on and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Distraction 1) Facebook: Ah Facebook where would we be without you? Facebook is a great means to bring us together no matter how far away we may be! Despite all the wonderful things Facebook has done for us, Facebook can also be a Weapon Of Mass Distraction (W.M.D). When it comes to studying to Ace the semester, Facebook does a wonderful job of distracting us from our semester often without us knowing!

Despite its powerful ability to distract, it is relatively easy to snap out of Facebook’s distractive trance and refocus your attention back on your semester.

The solution is none other than Facebook! You can easily turn Facebook from a hindrance to one of your greatest assets for acing your semester. Creating study groups, Study private message group chats, Creating study events, scheduling your major assignments and exams as events are some ingenious yet simple ways to turn Facebook into a means for organizational planning as well as a way for coordinating with your friends and classmates to enhance your performance to pass your semesters with flying colours!

Conextus Team Bonding & Community

Here at Conextus our exec team emphasizes on building a community. The exec team’s community building is not limited to our business. Rather it is personal as well. The exec team looks inward and fosters community building, bonding and belongingness for both business and non business environments because the exec team strongly believes that before building community on campus they must first build it within themselves as a team!

Community building within the Conextus exec team comes in many forms such as but not limited to occasional jokes to lighten the mood in business meetings, team lunches/dinners after meetings, constant encouragement and praise, fostering individuality and being thankful every waking moment.

If you want to get a true first hand feel of Community Building within Conextus’ Exec Team (Julius Michael, Nuwan Biyagamage, Joseph Fredrick, Ken Yuen and Kreig Yeh) feel free to approach them around campus or wherever you see us when we’re together and chill with them so you can experience the warmth and friendlessness that comes through interacting within Conextus’ exec team.

It is also worth to stick around and hangout with our Exec Team when possible because Conextus is planning something very big as we speak, so it is best to stay tuned and updated these days!

WOW Of The Day: Pokemon Go Memes

Are you enjoying Pokemon Go outside with your Friends? If not be sure to download Pokemon Go and go outside to catch Pokemon with your friends of course. This way you will better be able to relate to your friends without getting left behind along with having great conversation topics and a common interest essential for deep mutual bonding and camaraderie! Plus Pokemon Go gives you and your friends a great chance to work together as well as help each other out like all friends should 🙂


If done the right way and in a group, Pokemon Go is a great avenue for socializing, teamwork and bonding (be sure to use the skills and benefits to be gained from Pokemon Go even when you’re not playing) so click on the above image to access some hilarious relatable Pokemon memes which can boost you and your friends spirit while playing Pokemon Go! Enjoy and Go Catch Em All!!




Julius Conextus Team Spotlight

A few of us are blessed to be outside of our caves and be able to bask in the sun without having to worry about studying. As a way to celebrate, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce our team to everyone.

Each person on the Conextus team filled out a simple and fun questionnaire that gives you a better idea of who we are.
What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back?

Travel around the world! Still trying to save up for it!
What is your most memorable moment at SFU?

Bass Banquet!! (Who’s with me on this?)
What does Conextus mean to you?

Conextus means community to me. It is a tool to help students find their buddies and community the belong in.
What song are you jamming to these days?

Let it go- James Bay and When We were Young- Adele
What is your guilty pleasure?

I’m a frugal Foodie that knows cheap places for good quality food.
If you could invite anyone (fictional or not) to your party, who would it be? What do you think would happen?

Elon Musk. Hope he gives out Telsa 3 to everyone in the party!


“Do I look like the big boss in this pose?”

With Conextus, we are looking to change the social community at SFU. Through our own experience and of many other student’s, isolation is rampant on campus. We want to connect students with new friends and squads. We want to connect students with new activities through student clubs and events. Look out for us to make SFU more social.

Kenny Conextus Team Spotlight

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

We confess – we love pretty things. Whenever we needed a beautiful website banner or poster, Kenny is the one person we could always rely on.

Even though he is living the life after university, we caught up with him so he could fill out this simple and fun questionnaire that will give you a better idea of who he is.

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back?

I want to travel the world and get a glimpse of all the unique cultures, cuisines, individuals, and activities. The first destination would be to explore countries that make up Europe. However, time is always holding me back.

What is your most memorable moment at SFU?

No one can forget the moment you walk across the stage at Convocation Mall and see the crowd of family and classmates in front of you. It is as if time slows down in that moment.

What does Conextus mean to you?

An outlet to express myself in a unique way and to make a difference in the world.

What song are you jamming to these days?

I am good with any music that has a good beat to it.


“Do I look serious enough?”

What is your guilty pleasure?

It must be the high metabolism, but I’m blessed with the powers of not gaining weight regardless of how much I eat. Because of this, I tend to eat a host of different kinds of food. Nothing specific – anything that is yummy.

If you could invite anyone (fictional or not) to your party, who would it be? What do you think would happen?

I would invite Jesus. It is hard to say what would happen if he showed up, but it would no doubt be an interesting night. Maybe – just maybe – he will show me how he turned water into wine.
With Conextus, we are looking to change the social community at SFU. Through our own experience and of many other student’s, isolation is rampant on campus. We want to connect students with new friends and squads. We want to connect students with new activities through student clubs and events. Look out for us to make SFU more social.