Conextus Team Bonding & Community

Here at Conextus our exec team emphasizes on building a community. The exec team’s community building is not limited to our business. Rather it is personal as well. The exec team looks inward and fosters community building, bonding and belongingness for both business and non business environments because the exec team strongly believes that before building community on campus they must first build it within themselves as a team!

Community building within the Conextus exec team comes in many forms such as but not limited to occasional jokes to lighten the mood in business meetings, team lunches/dinners after meetings, constant encouragement and praise, fostering individuality and being thankful every waking moment.

If you want to get a true first hand feel of Community Building within Conextus’ Exec Team (Julius Michael, Nuwan Biyagamage, Joseph Fredrick, Ken Yuen and Kreig Yeh) feel free to approach them around campus or wherever you see us when we’re together and chill with them so you can experience the warmth and friendlessness that comes through interacting within Conextus’ exec team.

It is also worth to stick around and hangout with our Exec Team when possible because Conextus is planning something very big as we speak, so it is best to stay tuned and updated these days!

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