This Motivates My Study Efforts Part 1

While in the all too often difficult task of getting motivated for studying, I use Internet Memes as my study motivation. As I was procrastinating for my history exam, it was a beautiful day outside, so studying was the last thing I wanted to do. Then I came across this meme, right below and it made me realize that I’m not the only one feeling this way!


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Through this meme, I realized that procrastination and a general aversion towards studying is a common feeling among many college students. This meme therefore served as a means for me to relate and feel camaraderie with my fellow college students who were going through the same struggles as I during the arduous period of studying.

At the same time, I chose to put more effort into actually studying instead of complaining and procrastinating.

The reason for such change is because this meme also instilled shame in me, because, procrastination through prolonging a task/s only worsens the situation at hand by encouraging laziness, excuses and contradictory behaviour. In other words, procrastination as depicted in the above meme means nothing gets done 🙁 The depiction of the student in the aforementioned meme causes further wake up embarrassment to procrastinating students due to the disheveled unprofessional appearance of the pictured student.

As college/university students we are expected to conduct ourselves as qualified professionals in preparation for our professional working post post-secondary future. Hence, this meme can be an embarrassingly humorous incentive for us procrastinators to get our act together! Being a still recovering procrastinator myself, this meme was instrumental in my decision to go into self-imposed procrastination rehab. Like many of you, I was an avid procrastinator in fact I loved procrastination! I enjoyed procrastination so much that I went out of my way to procrastinate due to my difficulty and disinterest in studying.

However, shortly after my first three poor to mediocre semesters and a stint in academic probation which I narrowly came out of, I realized back in Spring 2014, that my procrastination tendencies needed to go for the sake of my professional future.

It was around then, that I came across this meme, which opened my eyes to the reality of my unprofessional, self-entitled, lazy, contemptible and sullen nature that resulted through my tendencies to indulge in procrastination.

Since I saw myself following the same unlikable attitude of the lazy college student in the above meme, I was so disgusted and amused that I decided to procrastinate less and take action more through focused studying! It hasn’t being easy studying since I have a tendency to slip back into my old habit of procrastinating.

Nonetheless this meme for all its humour has made me adamant on studying better so that I can avoid becoming like the lazy, unpleasant and unprofessional college student pictured in the meme. Hence, these reasons led to the meme pictured here become my favourite motivational reminder meme (albeit through mocking humour of reality) for studying and I hope that this meme betters your own study efforts!

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