One Of My Biggest Study Distractions

This semester is almost over and we want you to pass this semester with flying colours. For this reason, I thought I’d share with you all, one of my biggest study distractions and provide you with a solution on how to handle it. So read on and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Distraction 1) Facebook: Ah Facebook where would we be without you? Facebook is a great means to bring us together no matter how far away we may be! Despite all the wonderful things Facebook has done for us, Facebook can also be a Weapon Of Mass Distraction (W.M.D). When it comes to studying to Ace the semester, Facebook does a wonderful job of distracting us from our semester often without us knowing!

Despite its powerful ability to distract, it is relatively easy to snap out of Facebook’s distractive trance and refocus your attention back on your semester.

The solution is none other than Facebook! You can easily turn Facebook from a hindrance to one of your greatest assets for acing your semester. Creating study groups, Study private message group chats, Creating study events, scheduling your major assignments and exams as events are some ingenious yet simple ways to turn Facebook into a means for organizational planning as well as a way for coordinating with your friends and classmates to enhance your performance to pass your semesters with flying colours!