Better Ways To Be Social Than Sitting around on Facebook all Day Part 1

It’s the weekend and you are crammed up in your room or a dingy corner of the library with a textbook or laptop, studying and doing absolutely nothing aside from half hearted studying coupled with a ton of Facebook use. Let’s face it this situation is all too common a phenomena among university students. Fortunately you don’t have to be spending your weekend stuck studying and sitting around on Facebook all day jealously envying the fun weekend social lives of others.

Here’s a simple way to make your weekend socially exhilarating:

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Hit The Gym!

You may have been told and may be telling yourself this a lot Hit The Gym! Being a distracted in a rush university student though, more often than not you may have skipped the gym. However if you want to be more social and not a sullen boring studying Facebook stalker it is truly in your best interest to Hit The Gym! The moment you get off Facebook to Hit The Gym all that working out and sweat will significantly boost your sociability and ability to socialize well. Here’s how!

A) Confidence Booster: Working out regularly boosts your self-confidence. Since we all are drawn to people looking and feeling great about themselves over grumpy Facebook stalking studiers what better way for you to be social than pumping iron and sweating away all pessimism in the gym! Don’t believe me? Just try it out for yourself by lifting weights at the gym, do some push-ups, go for a run, play table tennis, go swimming or just dance!

You’ll quickly find out that you are too active to be grumpy or lazy meaning you’ll be feeling more better, happy and more confident with yourself. Then people will be naturally drawn to you and your better more active disposition will allow you to socially enjoy yourself more!

What’s more is that you can inspire others and your friends to workout alongside you, boosting their confidence too. A social pack of workout buddies enjoying themselves getting fit and helping each other do the same, is sign of a confident inclusive social group, turning lazy frowns upside down!

B) Brings In Calmness: Do 10 or more push-ups and how do you feel? You most certainly won’t feel grumpy or complaining because frankly you’ll be too tired for that! When you’re tired you’re calmer and quieter instead. Plus you’ll have a more relieved and satisfied disposition after all that exercise. Since people feel more at ease around calm people who are easier to approach than busybody grumps hit the gym regularly if you want a better way to be social!

Workout to the max and challenge yourself so that you feel the burn.

Since grumpiness comes when achievement is absent and requires energy for frowning/sulking, put your energy to something challenging so that you can feel achieved and have no energy to frown, nor sulk! Once you feel achieved, tired yet happy and have wiped that frown off your face you’ll be able to socialize and open to enjoying life in a group way more!


So if you seek a meaningful social life on campus, quit your Facebook idling and hit the gym! It’s gonna be challenging but hey you won’t have any time nor effort to miserably frown or sulk when using all your muscles in a challenge now will you 😉

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