Julius Conextus Team Spotlight

A few of us are blessed to be outside of our caves and be able to bask in the sun without having to worry about studying. As a way to celebrate, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce our team to everyone.

Each person on the Conextus team filled out a simple and fun questionnaire that gives you a better idea of who we are.
What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back?

Travel around the world! Still trying to save up for it!
What is your most memorable moment at SFU?

Bass Banquet!! (Who’s with me on this?)
What does Conextus mean to you?

Conextus means community to me. It is a tool to help students find their buddies and community the belong in.
What song are you jamming to these days?

Let it go- James Bay and When We were Young- Adele
What is your guilty pleasure?

I’m a frugal Foodie that knows cheap places for good quality food.
If you could invite anyone (fictional or not) to your party, who would it be? What do you think would happen?

Elon Musk. Hope he gives out Telsa 3 to everyone in the party!


“Do I look like the big boss in this pose?”

With Conextus, we are looking to change the social community at SFU. Through our own experience and of many other student’s, isolation is rampant on campus. We want to connect students with new friends and squads. We want to connect students with new activities through student clubs and events. Look out for us to make SFU more social.